Kounselor Kombat - a Combat Video Game in Python

During the summer of 2010, I had a chance to visit Rose Hulman Institute of Technology and participated in a summer program — Operation Catapult Session II. The main purpose of this program is to finish a technical project with other students. After two days’ training in python programming, I found my teammates Scott and Richy, we decided to do some awesome stuff — a combat video game.

After a discussion, we came up with an idea that put our counselors into the game and made them fight with each other. To achieve this, we need to take a lot of pictures of the counselors and cropped to different positions. We used Pygame module to handle picture, animation, sound and key events. We made a poster and gave elevator speech to professors and other students.

We were happy to see our counselors really having fun playing this game during the elevator speech.

Finally, our project won the second prize among 42 projects.